University of Reims

A local multidisciplinary university, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) has thirty recognised research departments, seven of which are associated with major French institutions such as CNRS, INSERM and INRA.
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Let's face it, there's more to a 3D/visualisation solution than just the display. But, it's the display that you'll be measured on, so you want world-class projection technology and image processing as part of your overall solution.

First and only DLP 4K at 120Hz performance

  • State of the art, sophisticated visualisation with Christie Mirage 4K25 and Mirage 4K35
  • A quantum leap in video processing – 10x faster than full high-definition bandwidth 
  • Outstanding image quality, color and uniformity for large, stunning displays
  • Expansion of the 4K ecosystem with an all-digital immersive solution
  • Proven long-life with no degradation
  • Provides the brightest 3D immersive user experience

Exceptional performance

Christie's visual displays have exceptional image quality from 4K, WUXGA, HD and SXGA+ DLP® technology. Images are crisp, clean and detailed for a truly realistic experience.

Our 3D/visualisation projectors also feature:

  • High-quality optics
  • 10-bit image processing
  • High-bandwidth signal processing
  • 330 MHz visual displays
  • Christie Twist warp/blend/scale functionality
  • Picture-in-Picture and seamless switching between sources
  • Ethernet connectivity displays for remote monitoring and control through an IP address

To make sure you have the flexibility and functionality you need for your unique application, Christie also offers a full suite of accessories, including:

  • Image processors with increased frame rate capabilities for new levels of visualisation functionality in large megapixel displays
  • A broad range of specifically-designed, high-contrast lenses for increased contrast 
  • Optional input modules 
  • Mounting systems and customized structures
  • Networking capability
  • Standard and long range emitters
  • Active 3D eyewear
  • Passive stereoscopic modulators
  • Passive 3D eyewear

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