The world's most versatile video processor

The Vista Spyder gives you total control and flexibility, so you can mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows, create all kinds of Picture-in-Pictures (PIPs), define, shape and blend borders with remarkable ease, and do it all without a hitch, every single time.
Christie Vista Spyder Image Processor

Christie Spyder video processor

Choice. Control. Flexibility. What every integrator wants.



The Christie Spyder gives you total control and flexibility, so you can mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows, create all kinds of picture-in-pictures (PIPs), define, shape and blend borders with remarkable ease, and do it all without a hitch, every single time.

There’s a reason why Spyder is the world’s most powerful video processor. In a word, versatility. When it comes to dynamic visual effects, the only limit is your imagination:

  • Supports up to 32 independent windows, 16 mixers, or any combination in between
  • Adapts perfectly to widescreen (edge-blended), single and multi-screen discreet applications
  • Permits unrestricted window and picture-in-picture (PIP) placement
  • Allows any input to operate as a Native High Resolution Channel, Scaled PIP, Scaled Background, or Key Channel
  • Switches inputs easily from any mode during normal operation, making all Spyder Inputs fully capable (not dedicated purpose)
  • Adds inputs, outputs and pixel real estate with powerful expansion capabilities

More pixels for stunning clarity and brightness

Spyder achieves stunning clarity and brightness in part because it has three times the pixels of any other presentation system. You can use the same input channels across more pixels, and you can view them through multiple outputs. The Integrated Operators Monitor allows you to see what the audience sees and preview what they will see next, all on a single monitor. Also, the system’s resolution independence allows you to use multiple projectors to increase pixel space and resolution beyond what any single display device could handle.

Mixing and multiple key frame effects

  • Full path editing including tension, continuity and bias control at each Key Frame
  • Full speed editing including Ease In, Ease Out, and Velocity control at each Key Frame
  • Adjustable PIP aspect ratio with smooth transitions between
  • PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge with smooth transitions
  • PIP clone (mirror and offset) with smooth transitions
  • Image cropping with smooth transitions


  • Luminance keyer on every input
  • Color keyer on every input
  • Alpha channel bitmaps on every input, for alpha channel titling or bugs from your favorite graphics application

 Video processing

  • Up to 6.5-million-pixel display capacity from a single frame
  • Multiple outputs from the same box, up to 2048 x 1200 resolution on each output
  • Inputs accept virtually any input up to 2048 x 1200 resolution
  • 10-bit analog inputs and outputs
  • 12-bit scaling for the highest quality images
  • Low delay (< 1.5 interlaced frames)
  • Motion adaptive de-interlacing (SD & HD)
  • 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down detection
  • Aspect ratio correction
  • Still frame (freeze) capability on every input
  • Output synchronization: free-run or vertically referenced to NTSC/PAL black burst via framelock input
  • Read/write Still Store. Load bmp, png, tiff, or jpg images to (or capture images from) any Spyder Input.
  • Any output can be a scaled output for recording widescreens
  • Any output can be an operator's monitor, displaying preview and program for a given pixel space simultaneously on a single output
  • Frame stacking capability, with the expansion (X) option, allows inputs/outputs from other Spyder systems to contribute/view a single pixel space
  • S-Video and composite, with composite/S-Video (C) option, for inputs and outputs
  • Fully integrated Test Pattern Generator on each input, output and pixel space

 Powerful 5th-generation programming environment

  • So easy to use, anyone can create results quickly
  • Powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding programming needs
  • Powerful preset programming allows simple two-state on/off presets, or elaborate multi-step builds and motion presets
  • Powerful scripting environment
  • Smooth Go Processor allows quick, surefooted navigation from any window look to any other look. Options are user-definable with every preset.
  • Results are predictable, highly user programmable, and most importantly, reproducible every time, all with a single button press
  • Easy-to-use programming environment allows you to focus on your desired results, rather than the mechanics of getting there 



The Spyder is designed with every kind of user in mind, from the beginner to the most experienced pro. Components are modular, so you can build the system you need. Models are packaged as 2RU or 3RU units, and you can configure them to support up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs. This gives you unprecedented flexibility and versatility.

Virtually any source

Send virtually any input signal to Spyder, and it will process it with ease. Input channels support analog, SDI, HD-SDI and DVI. Spyder accepts composite and S-Video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), SDI/ HD-SDI formats, and computer resolutions up to 2048 x 1200.

Analog HD formats are just as comprehensive, including 720p, 1080I, 1080p, HD-SDI video, 2048-1080p digital cinema video, and plasma display resolutions.

Each input channel is universal and capable of a full range of processing:

  • Native high resolution Input for pixel-perfect backgrounds
  • Scaled input for scaled background or PIP window with borders and shadows
  • Native or scaled luminance keyer, color keyer, PIP and mixer (which requires two input channels)

Let’s start processing

The baseline Spyder configuration has multiple input boards that give you a lot of room to play. So go ahead and get creative.

You can configure an input as a color or luminance key, or as a PIP. You can use any two inputs as a mixer. You can size and position PIP and key images at any location on the screen in real-time, and keep track of them easily. You can use key images to create a variety of key effects such as superimposing titles on the image or creating special mask effects.

Seamless transition effects, window borders, drop shadows and a variety of keying effects are fully supported. Vista’s proprietary high-performance scaler features motion-adaptive de-interlacing for SD/HD, 3:2 and 2:2 pull down. It also provides very low video delay, as well as quick aspect-ratio correction, image cropping and real-time window resizing and positioning.

Spyder gives you two native or scalable resolution background buffers to provide a high-resolution still backdrop for PIP images or background inputs. These buffers have preview/program display, which you can transition just like a mixer. This allows a scene or theme graphic to be your background without having to use any of Spyder's inputs. It also eliminates the need to use one or more inputs to prevent screens from going to black.

What goes in must come out - beautifully

Any Spyder model will work with multiple output boards. These boards provide the full range of output interface functions and blending functionality. Spyder's unique architecture eliminates the need for external data-doubling processors for widescreen applications. 

Output resolutions include computer resolutions of up to 2048 x 1200, analog HDTV resolutions of 720p, 1080I, 1080p, HD SDI video, and 2048 x 1080p digital cinema video, as well as plasma display resolutions. Output synchronization is supported to lock the output frame rate to an externally applied NTSC/PAL black burst signal in studio environments. Outputs also support the DVI 'Twin' specification that allows greater bit depth to the projector or display.

Modularity allows you to mix and match

This Spyder system is available in 2RU (200 series) and 3RU (300 series) configurations. Choose from a selection of models, which are perfectly compatible and configurable with each other. You can build almost any size system you need, depending on your budget and the demands of your particular application.





This is the PDF product brochure that outlines key features, specifications and uses for the Christie Vista Spyder.

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