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Dusseldorf welcomes the BAMBI Awards with a Christie projection onto the Ferris wheel

At the opening gala for the BAMBI Awards, Roadie HD+35K and Roadster WU20K-J projectors were used to project onto the ‘Wheel of Vision’ set up in the Altstadt

Dusseldorf town hall played host to the BAMBI Awards gala, and as ever, the award of this media prize proved very popular, attracting many national and international stars from film and television to the 64th gala celebration.

Before the actual event began, and stars of note, including Céline Dion, Felix Baumgartner, Salma Hayek and Andreas Gabalier received their BAMBI awards, the city welcomed guests and prize-winners with an unusual opening.

The countdown to the show, as well as the BAMBI logo with a welcome message, were projected onto the "Wheel of Vision" Ferris wheel that was erected in the middle of the Altstadt. To the right and left, as well as up on the 55m high Ferris wheel itself, drummers were positioned to set the mood for the evening event. Cameras from various positions recorded the action that was later used in a trailer for the live TV transmission.

As organiser, the city of Düsseldorf commissioned the agency Schlieter & friends Event GmbH & Co. KG – who in turn worked with Cologne-based company Event-Solution GmbH – for the technical realisation of this event. Project Manager and Managing Partner Jochen Gotzen decided upon the well-known light and media designer Stephan Flören, who was also responsible for the content design and programming of the show.

Apart from a host of moving lights, LEDs and floodlights, the projection played a key role, which is why Flören opted for the skills and light output that Christie can provide. While a Christie Roadster WU20K-J projected onto the hub, a Roadie HD+35K was used for the surrounding screens. In order to compensate for the difference in height between the hub and the 'spokes', the second projector was introduced to ensure that projection was as sharp as possible over the entire area.

Both 3 chip DLP® projectors are particularly characterised by their image quality and light output. With its 3kW Xenon lamp, the Roadster WU20K-J delivers a brightness of 18,000 ANSI lumens and the Roadie HD+35K a light output of 32,500 ANSI lumens, with an HD+ resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels.

While the BAMBI logo and welcome message were to be seen on the hub of the Ferris wheel, the wheel itself was illuminated with various colours and shapes and proved to be an outstanding eye catcher. The light installations, as well as the projections, were controlled by a GrandMA 2, while the content feed was performed with a Hippotizer from Green Hippo.

When asked why Flören had used these particular Christie projectors he simply said: "The brightness! We were surrounded by very many spots and floodlights yet the projection was perfectly visible." This was of particular importance for the TV filming, since the circular image, with 16 metres diameter, was to stand out clearly from the neighbouring light. "This was no small requirement," continued Flören, "because after all the image was to be 16 metres in height as well as in breadth. Inevitably, some light is lost to the left and right." This turned out to be a problem which both Christie devices handled perfectly.

For Flören, the warping and suitable masking projection onto the Ferris wheel proved the biggest difficulty. The projectors stood on risers at a height of 18 metres.

The adverse meteorological conditions proved to be a technological challenge, given the temperature — just 2°C with rain, as well high humidity — because of the immediate proximity to the Rhine river, but the Christie projectors also took these challenges in their stride without problems.

All in all, this was a performance with which the promoters, as well as Stephan Flören, were more than satisfied. "When I need bright and reliable projectors again, I will certainly use Christie devices," he said in summary.

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