Screenvision sells advertising space to UGC and CGR cinemas, as well as several other networks and independent cinemas. With more than 1400 screens across France, the space broker’s job is to ensure that its clients’ ads get seen by cinema audiences (its clients being advertisers, media agencies and film distributors).
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Cinema Solutions

Christie understands the cinema industry

With no margin for error, the show must always go on. Christie brings over 80 years of experience, knowledge and value to your cinema business. We consistently offer you the best. All our cinema solutions feature Academy Award winning DLP Cinema® technology. We pride ourselves on being the first with a 2K digital cinema projector, the first to offer a 4K ready solution, and the first to introduce TI’s new advanced Series 2 DLP Cinema technology. And we were the first to market a networked on-screen advertising solution to help support and grow your business.

Christie's Cinema Solutions

Christie cinema solutions are designed and engineered to provide the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Our superior projector optics allow us to specify a smaller lamp than any of our competitors and still provide the highest brightness in each class. Within our exceptional line up of products we’re confident you’ll find a projector that meets your needs.