Milan Design Week

Designer Tom Dixon’s Multiplex exhibition during Milan Design Week 2011, was supported by 3-chip DLP projection from Christie HD10K-M projectors and award-winning Christie MicroTiles™.
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Event Production - Freedom to Attract

Events are even more spectacular when the visual media presentation has the power to captivate audiences up close or from a distance. Whether your event is a nightly broadcast to millions of viewers, a West End play, a major sporting event or a live performance, Christie MicroTiles deliver bright, bold images that are sure to engage and entertain audiences every time.

Built to last and easy to maintain, Christie MicroTiles deliver eye-catching image quality you can rely on day after day. These lightweight modules lock together in seconds to form any size or shape digital display. We’ve designed MicroTiles with you in mind and we believe we thought of everything – you be the judge, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • Vast viewing angles
    With MicroTiles, viewing angle and distance are not a factor. Whether you’re up close, far away or off on an angle, images remain clear and sharp.

  • Amazing image quality
    Amalgamating the strengths of LED and DLP technology, Christie MicroTiles offer a colour range that far exceeds conventional LCD and plasma technologies.

  • Automatic colour matching
    Christie MicroTiles’ built-in, intelligent, auto-calibration feature ensures that images look great every time an array is assembled, without time-consuming, costly human intervention. They also continuously auto-calibrate for colour and brightness, self-correcting as they go. With true blacks and vibrant saturated colours, MicroTiles create stunning images time and again.

  • Easy setup
    Weighing in at only 20lbs (9.4kg) these lightweight tiles lock together quickly and easily.

  • Simple service access
    In event production, every minute counts. MicroTiles are designed so that all of the internal components are easily accessible from the front – allowing for quick service without bringing down your entire array.

  • Pre-staging design tools
    Save time designing your display and determining the exact quantities required. Christie MicroTiles Designer™ generates a simulation of your installation, based on the exact dimensions you provide. If you need to modify your design, simply adjust the dimensions in MicroTiles Designer and you’ll have a new simulation and list of required components.

Display Solutions for:

  • Broadcast
  • Live Theatre
  • Trade shows and events
  • Sporting Events