MicroTiles make Russian TV News Studio Debut

Christie partner Viking has installed a video wall consisting of 66 Christie MicroTiles in the new studio for nationwide Russian broadcaster, Channel Five’s current affairs programme “Seichas”
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Digital signage solutions

Captivate your audience with a compelling digital experience.

Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with Christie's display wall systems. Our technology gives you the flexibility to integrate large-format, tiled display walls of any shape or size into your architectural design – producing stunning, dynamic visuals that express your message in innovative ways and captivate visitors the moment they enter your space. Christie's display wall systems are also ideal for data monitoring in Control Room applications

What display walls offer

  • The creative freedom to seamlessly integrate and enhance your architectural space with displays of different shapes and sizes
  • A versatile medium to captivate audiences with dynamic visuals, vibrant colors and eye-catching video
  • The opportunity to inform, engage and entertain audiences with an immersive and interactive experience

Christie's range of display wall products

Christie® has the solutions to turn your display wall vision into reality. From video building blocks and sleek LCD flat panels to creative playback solutions, mounting hardware and ground-breaking interactive technology, Christie offers a full range of solutions to meet your display wall needs.

  • Christie MicroTiles® are built on proven DLP® technology and designed for superior color reproduction and stunning image quality in high-ambient light environments. With their unobtrusive video-building-block design, you have the freedom to create display walls of any size and shape
  • Christie 46" and 55" high-definition LCD flat-panels have an ultra-narrow bezel so you can create a virtually seamless tiled display. High-pixel density and an LED-backlit screen mean images look sharp at any distance and you can convey your message with the perfect brightness to complement any indoor environment
  • Christie multi-touch video wall solution includes everything you need to create an amazing interactive digital experience: an impressive 36-square-foot (3.3m2) digital canvas, high-performance touchscreen interactivity, and straightforward content management with the nuts and bolts to put it all together
  • Christie Interactivity Kit is a breakthrough technology that transforms any display wall into a dynamic and responsive multi-touch surface
  • Christie's image processing and playback solutions range from simple media servers and controllers to the most versatile, scalable video processors on the market today. Choose the solution that matches your technical requirements and your budget

Product support

Christie products are backed by industry-leading training, warranties and technical support for the ultimate peace of mind.

Taking the next step

Christie's display wall systems are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers, consultants and integrators.

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