Kino Hawkhurst

One of the oldest, and most unique buildings in the UK has become the country’s first community cinema to take an all-digital approach — thanks to equity funding from two DTI schemes and membership of the UK Film Council’s Digital Screen Network.
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Video Walls

Christie’s video wall solutions are typically composed of a multitude of rear-screen projectors that collectively produce a complete image with a much higher pixel count than any single projector that produce a much higher impact.

There are few sights as impressive as a multi-screen video wall. The imposing appearance of such a wall, however, is secondary to its ability to display enormous amounts of data, an indispensable requirement for many control rooms applications including telecommunications, emergency operations, utilities management, process control and transportation. Because of the critical nature of most such applications, choosing the right display technology is paramount.

Proven performance and 24/7 reliability

With proven performance and 24/7 reliability, rear-screen projection based on Digital Light Processing (DLP®) has been the predominant choice. Certain video wall applications have always demanded higher pixel densities over larger areas than can be provided by any single fixed projector. One such application is the control room, where power and other utilities, plant processes, communication networks, transportation routes, and a host of other vital interests are monitored and controlled.

These applications are often best served by a video wall composed of a multitude of rear projection units. Such a tiled array produces a complete image with a much higher pixel count than any single projector – and much higher impact.

Christie provides video wall solutions for